Valhom Collection
Review by Dr. Scent
Review by Dr. Scent

"Valhom is an Italian niche perfume brand. By evoking classic values and feelings, Valhom Collection is an intense olfactory experience honoring the Greek-Roman Ideal of true Virilitas. Exploring the secret alchemy of essences, Valhom offers an original way of blending notes that develop challenging accords. Unconventional scents that capture the spirit of Past and celebrate the power and uniqueness of each man."

Virtus: is a woody fragrance and its composition includes fragrance notes such as: Cedar, sandalwood, cinnamon, agaro (oud), cloves, violet, iris and Turkish rose. The opening of the fragrance belongs to a mixture of woody notes and rose, which, together with agar, create an incredibly intense and oriental aura.

Gladio: is a spicy fragrance with notes such as patchouli, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, cedar, sandalwood and animal notes. The opening of the fragrance impresses us with a wonderful blend of woody notes juxtaposted with aromatic cardamom. The smell is unique and strong, which all fans of persistent compositions will be pleased with.

Ego: is my favorite composition. It is a woody fragrance that combines notes such as tobacco, black pepper, leather, castoreum, labdanum and vetiver. The opening of the fragrance is a strong and aromatic combination of spices and leather. There is a rose aroma in the background and even a light vanilla base. The fragrance is masculine, aromatic and slightly sweet at the same time.

Cosmo: is a composition with citrus, flowers and mint. The opening of the fragrance is a fresh aroma of citrus, mint and lily. The scent is sweet and vivid. I love the note of cedar here combined with ambergris and seaweed. It is what makes this composition unique. The main role here is played by an apple and black currant, which makes it impossible to come away from this smell.

Thanks to Dr. Scent for reviewing Valhom Collection perfumes


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