A Closer Look at Neadea Parfums
by Bella van der Weerd
Review by Bella van der Weerd
Fragrantica Editor

Italian creativity mixed with the excellence of Grasse perfumery artistry. The brand asserts it found inspiration in 'Classic Values and Feelings' on one hand and Aromatherapy on the other, which resulted in the birth of two 'Luxury Collections,' Neadea Parfums and Valhom Parfums, featuring "exclusive blends made in Grasse by great Master Perfumers with the most precious aromatic compounds aged at least 3 months, as required by the traditional French perfumery art."

The Luxury Collections of Neadea (from the Greek nea+thea, 'new goddess') and Valhom (from the Latin valor+homo, 'man of value) aim to capture atmospheres, values, feelings, and translate them into exclusive blends that make the olfactory experience extraordinary. Each fragrance, made with a high concentration of perfume oil (30%), was created using precious raw ingredients, and the brand chose to commit the creation of their perfumes to a team of different noses, each with their own expertise and sensibility.

Neadea Parfums draws inspiration from the ancient pre-hellenic myth of the Great Goddess, a female divine personification of the reproductive energies of Nature, to express the sovereignty of the "Divine Feminine", symbolized by the triangle label on the perfume bottle.

AMA: Ama starts out on my skin less fresh than the brand suggests; I get the bergamot which gives a bit of a lift to the beginning, but quickly the development turns to an amber-woody scent with a classic character. It feels warm and rich, the kind of perfume I would pick for the winter Holidays, and time spent by the fire side with a nice cognac in hand. Vanilla and tonkabean play an important part in the dry down, bringing an almost waxy vanilla accord that for a short while has a slight scented candle effect on my skin, but at the end, a nice, complex, warm-resinous and vanilla-woody base scent lingers for hours. Ama is one of my two personal favorites of this line.

KYRA: The start is energetic and bright, with beautiful citrus notes whose sharpness is slightly tempered with the warm side of the cardamom and saffron. The reference to a "Goddess of Light" works for the long lasting top, after which the heart takes a turn to the powdery side to my nose; combining notes of violet, rose and oud will always do this for me. Sniffing with my nose close to the skin, I get a vibrant, oudy-woody, patchouli-touched accord, but smelling the fragrance's sillage around me, the dusty, sweet-powdery side of the composition dominates. The longevity of Kyra is amazing; it keeps on radiating on high volume for hours and hours.

SOGNA: Sogna is what I would call an Iris perfume, but with a lot more going on. It starts with an almost completely aromatic blast, lead by the juniper berries, bergamot and some geranium, quickly calmed down with the powdery floralcy of iris, which I continue to perceive throughout the perfume's development. A full flower garden is depicted, of which all the scent notes harmonize beautifully with the iris, creating a very easy to wear perfume that still comes through as complex. Another very long lasting creation by Neadea that I could recommend to those who are on the fence when it comes to the iris note; she's very friendly here and tries to please. This is my second favorite of the line.

ROSE: My Italian colleague Lucia chose Rose by Neadea as her Autumn Choice 2020 (read it here), as well as one of her favorite launches of 2020 (read it here), loving it because of its big, dense, warm-spicy-oriental rose-centered character. I agree with her that this Rose perfume portrays the rose aroma in all its nuances and moods, ranging from citrusy and gently soapy (mostly in the top), and green-oily (in the heart) to balmy, spicy and richly oriental (in the base): it shows both its retro face and its natural face in this perfume composition. There are a lot of other ingredients spicy-bitter geranium, black pepper, powdery violet, ambery-balmy labdanum, dry patchouli but they are her supporters that never step into the lime light. A rose perfume for the true rose lovers out there, especially if you like your rose perfumes to last and last....

Thanks to Bella van der Weerd for introducing in such a full and beautiful way the Neadea Collection to Fragrantica community!


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