Autumn in Italy
by Lucia Remigi
Review by Lucia Remigi
Fragrantica Editor

''This year the Autumn season started very abruptly here in Central Italy around the 22nd of September (strictly following the calendar!), so much so that in the first days I, a July creature, couldn''t even bring myself to stop wearing - let alone put away - my beloved Summer clothes; it seems like the pandemic emphasizes my aversion to even slightly colder, cloudy, rainy weather, and in an attempt to cheer myself up I began reaching mostly for oriental/ambery florals that exude an enveloping and somewhat sultry vibe. Rose is apparently one of the notes I am more in tune with lately, maybe for its romantic connotations and its extraordinary versatility in perfume compositions, but I am more and more convinced flowers in general - their scents, of course, but also their beauty - are what I need now to brighten my mood and make me dream of more relaxed and optimistic times.''

''Speaking of roses, Neadea Rose is a big, dense, warm spicy oriental rose-centered fragrance on the verge of soliflore. At least in my perception, it depicts a fantasy of being surrounded by hundreds of burgundy roses with their carnal and thick petals giving off an almost oily, intoxicating scent. I discovered this new Italian niche brand last Spring, during the lockdown, and among their four lovely offerings I was immediately intrigued by this Extrait de Parfum for its natural and kind of traditional quality; it seems like each one of the ingredients spicy-bitter geranium and black pepper, powdery violet, ambery-balmy labdanum and dry patchouli is there to enhance some facet of the Queen of Flowers, resulting in a sumptuous yet delicate symphony I mostly enjoy on these first crisp evenings to feel embraced and protected by its comforting veil of wealth and refinement.''

Thanks to Lucia Remigi, Fragrantica Editor, for her passionate and sincere review of our perfume Rose.


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